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A word from the Owner; Thank you for spending some time with our community. We hope the stay is enjoyable! Running a Dedicated Gaming Server and its accompanying Community is a lot of work and that work takes time. What makes this all continue to thrive is the support we receive from donations by people like you! With continued support this Gamers Community is sure to bloom into another fantastic Gaming Network that people all over the world will enjoy.

Total Current Server Cost(s) per Month: $30.00+

Terms and Conditions of Service:

No guarantees are made and we reserve all rights including but not limited to refusing refunds. If you paid for something you didn't mean to then please PM at www.justiscraft.com/forum. By purchasing ranks here at Justiscraft Donor Shop you are agreeing that if you are under 18, you have parental consent to purchase these ranks. You also agree that we do not accept refunds, and will manually supply you anything that for any reason was not supplied to you with purchase. This is a donation, not a fixed price purchase. All benefits from donations are to be known by you the purchaser, as virtual non-tangible goods received for monetary donation.

(This legal stuff is needed, don't worry. If there is an issue just PM Vikerus or and it will be sorted out immediately. Thank you.)